local experience. insider knowledge. bilingual help.

Filming in Paris

Filming in Paris

Jill Officer

Covers all of France

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local experience. insider knowledge. bilingual help.

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covering all of France. Offices in Paris and Marseille. From the Alps to the Pyrenees and north to South, monaco and the Cote d'Azur...

So, you're shooting in France and you need someone who knows how things get done locally?  Someone who speaks the language and can accompany your team through the process of shoot set-up, finding & clearing filming locations in Paris and France, sourcing contributors and getting them onside, or just making it all run smoothly on location?  


And when it comes to dealing with French paperwork and production admin....

Whatever your shoot, whatever your budget:  we can definitely help you.


Whether you're planning to film in France, or have already booked your trip and just want someone to slot in with your team at the last minute, please do get in touch.


We can provide a wealth of practical advice for making your trip easier as well as insider budget-saving tips!  



Square Square Square


Our established relationships fostered over time with local suppliers and filming contacts means that we can hook you up with a network of talented local people at negotiated rates to make sure your shoot happens smoothly, efficiently and on budget:


Filming contacts that we can connect you with in Paris, Nice & Marseille, France:

  • Bilingual Drivers

  • Bilingual Production Assistants,

  • Bilingual Sound Recordists/Boom

  • Bilingual Ads

  • Bilingual DoPs and Camera ops




casting & contributors


location sourcing & clearing

casting & contributors


interviewing in French


kit sourcing

complete local shoot set-up