local experience. insider knowledge. bilingual help.

Filming in Paris

Filming in Paris

Jill Officer

Covers all of France

Based Paris, France        


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local experience. insider knowledge. bilingual help.

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covering all of France. Offices in Paris and Marseille. From the Alps to the Pyrenees and north to South, monaco and the Cote d'Azur...




With 18 years of production experience and many of those in setting up overseas filming , Jill and her team are accustomed to setting up all kinds of types of shoots. We work on multi-genre output from features, and docs to dramas, business films, music videos, entertainment and reality shows. We work with big and small crews and budgets of all sizes.

Our experience has led us to think outside the box when planning shoots, to help you find just the right elements to make your shoot a success within your timeframe & budget.


Some of the countries that we have set up shoots over the years:

UK (all over)            Russia             Spain                  Egypt                      Morroco           France (all over)

Congo                        Mali                Switzerland       Ethiopia                  Australia         Alaska  

Burkina Faso           Kenya              Norway               Madagascar          USA                  Denmark  

Bahamas                  Canada                







Challenging and complex shoots are our speciality.  Here are just some of the types of shoots  Jill has set-up over the years:

* Aerial filming (Helicopter/Cinegimbal)                              * Mountain expedition shoots (-40c to +30c)

* Underwater and dive shoots                                                 * Tree platform/ tree canopy access shoots* Jungle shoots                                                                  

* Filming with wild animals in urban environments           * Desert shoots                                                                

* Filming in hostile environment/high risk areas                * Underground filming (Mines/caves)                                      

* Artic filming (temp -50c)