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Filming in Paris

Filming in Paris

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local experience. insider knowledge. bilingual help.

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covering all of France. Offices in Paris and Marseille. From the Alps to the Pyrenees and north to South, monaco and the Cote d'Azur...

working in france

working in france

Do you need a work permit? Normally no. See below.     Do you need to register to work in France? Only if you are staff.

Freelancers, do not need to complete SIPSI registration.




You should fill out an A1 form here to transfer your national insurance rights across to the work you are doing in Eruope:  




Filming in France is relatively straightforward, but there are a number of rules and regulations to which you need to adhere when coming from abroad:




Work permits and Visas

- Europeans do not need a work permit to film or work in France , see www.welcometofrance.com/en/do-you-need-a-work-permit)

- Non-Europeans on projects of 3 months or less do not need a work permit

- We do not advise on Visas anymore simply because it is your home embassy which must advise you and in general they will only discuss with applicant.




Registering to work , SIPSI and your obligations

In France when we hire any French registered freelancers (intermittents de spectacle) you have to do a DUE Déclaration Préalable à l'Embauche ahead of the day they are employed which tells the state who is legally responsible for that freelancer during their "hire" and now it is the same for all foreign workers coming to France. The French government have simplified this by creating the SIPSI portal.

*  You must complete the details for your employees ONLY (not freelancers) IN ADVANCE of your shoot here:  www.sipsi.travail.gouv.fr

*  You must align your staff on location in France with the minimum legal union rates in France  and this in respect of the legal hours  for that rate (8/10 hours )

*  You must schedule for legal hours and pay any overtime at the French union rate.

*  If you are employing local French crew, on top of the legal minimum rates shown on the rate card there is a compulsary 65% of social charges added by the

    government for health care, retirement etc. national insurance contributions plus the cost of us filing these taxes on your behalf.

 * You can view the French union legal minimul rates for freelancers by clicking on the box in the right hand top corner of this page.

      Tab A is for Cinema and Drama/Fiction,  Tab B for TV including documentaries, and Tab C for actors / musicians.

French legal minimum syndicated rates